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Location, location, location... 

It is well known that the situation of a property is the main parameter in the evaluation of its rental price or sale price. Other parameters such as the quality of its architecture, the view and the land's area or house surface are naturally very important, but the location is the criterion of appreciation number one. 

The Gulf of Saint Tropez comprises six villages along the sea, Ramatuelle, Saint Tropez, Gassin, Cogolin, Grimaud and Sainte Maxime. Surprisingly the village with the smallest area and the minimum number of beaches is by far the most sought after. This is obviously Saint Tropez. 

The particularity of St Tropez is its architecture of incomparable charm which crosses unchanged the years, decades and centuries.The Gulf of Saint Tropez revolves around its axis whose epicenter is the very famous bell tower of this mythical village. Not a geographical axis but a center of interest, extraordinary stories, art, cinema, celebrities, dazzling yachts and also small fishermen's boats that have inspired the artists of the past and today's painters. 

Saint Tropez again and again renewed and nevertheless unchanged

The beaches of Saint Tropez are not in St Tropez, but in Ramatuelle 

Of course the beaches of Bouillabaisse, Graniers, Canoubiers, Moutte or Salins are located in Saint Tropez, but these are secluded beaches and accessible to residents, not really to the seasonal visitors. The beaches of Pampelonne, from the beach of Tahiti to the beach of Escalet, through the beaches of Tropezina, Palm trees, The Orangery, the Golden Fleece, Neptune, Tiki Beach and Tiki Club, the Club 55, Epi beach, Les Murenes, Tropicana, Bamboo Hut, Indie Beach, Esquinade, Polynesia are all located in Ramatuelle. Similarly, with regard to the Serena, Nikki beach or the Reserve, all on Ramatuelle. The newcomers, Byblos beach, Loulou beach or Verde beach are added to the most famous beaches of France. Celebrities have lunch at Club 55 and tourists flock to these long beaches of incomparable beauty. 

Ramatuelle is also its Provencal village from where the views are breathtaking, the vineyards of the Mas de Pampelonne, the area of the Tourraque, the Château Minuty, the area of Rouillere or the castle of Marres. Ramatuelle is also a place of culture with its green theater.This is probably why in the scale of property values, houses located in Ramatuelle have a value approaching to those of the best neighborhoods of Saint Tropez and in some cases even higher.

The Gulf of St Tropez is made up of 12 villages in total, including 9 on the seaside, Sainte-Maxime, Grimaud, Cogolin, Gassin, St. Tropez, Ramatuelle, La Croix-Valmer, Cavalaire-sur-mer and Rayol- Canadel-sur-mer.The real estate markets are very different depending on the municipality. The luxurious villas of great and great prestige are grouped on 3 of these villages Saint Tropez, Ramatuelle and Gassin. The value of houses, with certain exceptions, are in this order. In each village the neighborhoods have a great importance with regard to the value of the houses. In Saint Tropez the most sought after neighborhoods are Le Capon, Les Parcs de Saint Tropez, La Moutte and Les Canoubiers (also known as Canebiers). The reason is mainly the fact that they are located along the seaside concerning the parks of St Tropez, La Moutte or Canoubiers or that they are on the heights of Saint-Tropez (The Capon area) opening onto magnificent views of the sea and the countryside. The properties of Capon also have the advantage of having more often large areas of land.

Ramatuelle is divided between the neighborhoods of seaside, along the pampelonne beaches and the heights of Ramatuelle, the Marres area, the old Village and Camarat. 

The houses located on the heights of Gassin benefit from the most beautiful sea view of the Gulf of Saint Tropez, especially from the Gulf and Sinopolis housing estates. 

Cogolin has its marina of the Marines of Cogolin, where the most numerous boats are moored there. 

Grimaud seaside knows an international fame thanks to its unique village of "fishing houses", Port Grimaud.

Sainte Maxime is rich of its shops and restaurants.Every city has its secrets and its advantages. 

With regard to the villas of great prices it is certainly the cities of Saint Tropez and Ramatuelle which are the most sought after.

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