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At the top of this page, you will find 10 selected houses (in order of price, highest to lowest price), and below is a link to a map on which the 10 houses are located, plus 14 villas that could also interest you.


On the map the colors of the markers are based on the prices:

Blue, more than 20M €
Red, from 15 to 20M €
Orange, from 10 to 15M €
Green, less than 10M €

The marker for these 10 pre-selected villas is a small house.

You can of course change this selection after the consultation of the 24 villas that could fit your search criteria (link below) by telling me your preferences.


The 10 properties pre-selected are:

1.Ramatuelle - Pampelonne - 170815VS-EN - This modern house, completely renovated, has the advantage of being located within walking distance from Tahiti beach. It is located in the domain of "Cap Tahiti", a private and guarded domain. It has a tennis court. Negotiable price

2. WATERFRONT-PARKS/TROPEZ-5004VM-EN - Located in the prestigious gated community of  Parks of St Tropez (at the limit of the domain of "Treilles de la Moutte" where your friend John's house is located), the property has the unique advantage of being located on the water. Need to be modernized.

3. ST TROPEZ -SEA VIEW-5037VA-EN - Modern house with a beautiful sea view. Located between the villa and the city.

4. Parks of St Tropez with sea view - 170811VM-EN - Also located in the Parks of St Tropez, luxurious house with traditional architecture.

5. For sale in Ramatuelle Capilla - 170816VSAN-EN - Bastide located in the gated community of the "CAPILLA". House which has a lot of charm and which has the advantage of being next to Tahiti beach.

6. SAINT TROPEZ NEW VILLA-5033VSC-EN - New, very modern house with views of the countryside and the sea.

7. Villa for sale next to the beach - 170817VSLM-EN - The main advantage of this villa is its location, in the "Treilles de la Moutte" area, at walking distance from La Moutte beach (and your friend John's house). It enjoys a very nice sea view. However, it requires major renovation work.

8. Provencal villa in the Parks - 170822VSCO - Elegant house with Mediterranean architecture. Its main asset is the surface area of the land on which it is built: 12,000 m2

9. PARKS ST TROPEZ -5038VS-EN - Very modern house located in the Parks of St Tropez. Very good comfort.

10. LES SALINS-5039VA-EN - Modern house located in the Salins district, close to the St Tropez parks, the Treilles de la Moutte area, and the Moutte beach.

We have selected these houses by having as a first criterion the situation.

The most popular locations are the Parks of St Tropez, Les Treilles de la Moutte, Les Salins and the proximity to the beaches (Domaine de Cap Tahiti and Domaine de la Capilla).

Feel free to take a look at the other 14 houses, some of them might interest you.

After having read this information, could you confirm the 10 houses that you would like to visit on August 27th.?

Will you be able to visit from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. without interruption, or would you like to take a break?

Once your selection is confirmed we will check with the owners for visiting hours.

Waiting for your comments,

All the Best,